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Under Pressure.....

Don't you find that being a writer, artist, musician, any creative pursuit really, leads you to feel under pressure? Even people who feel "forced" or expect to be called healers, place an extraordinary amount of pressure on themselves to "be perfect". To not share their whole un-abashed lives, the negative aspects, or rather the growing experiences we've had to endure. Maybe it's just because, as any of those "professions", we've put the expectation of success in the material world around them? I may be wrong or right (again an expectation), but to be honest, I just was inspired to write this article because I thought I was woken up by someone trying to break into our room at 4am in the morning.  See? I was going to change it and say something like 3:45am?  Really, what am I thinking sometimes? Well, suprise! No matter who you are, healer, artist, bank manager, fry cooker at Mickey D's, we ALL have expectations we place on ourselves. Do…

Have you ever thought what life would look like on the other side?

Maybe text would be written like this?