Newest Seed



Whatever you thought it would be. It isn't.
Whatever you thought it would look like. It won't.
The only way to find out is to let go of any pre-conceived notions or plans you might have made for your life.

And however YOU thought it was going to work out, it most likely won't.
That's what I and another person I know would tell you, as psychics.
And as human beings.

Good Day, everyone.
And see you on the new Moon.

The Best Part About Being a Walk-In

The best part about being a walk-in?


You get to experience everything all over again. But through a completely different lens.

Now, I'm not quite sure how this walk-in will finish, or if it ever will?

I started as Teresa, and now I'm integrating into Akasha. It was a gradual process which took about 30 years to develop. In my current body now, I am 35 human years.

I walked in on Sept. 11, 2017 into this body fully. 16 years after 9/11.
People I used to know before I moved to a different state I don't remember any longer, with a couple exceptions. The area I used to live in I do not remember. Why should I?
The state I used to live in I do not remember.

Is a Walk-In a re-incarnation without dying, into a new Body?

Loss of Love

Sometimes there are difficult blog posts. Difficult choices. And it is hard to let go. But I just pray that I can be my best self, learning from situations.

I just walked into this life. I felt complete joy, and it was a huge shift. I'm not sure what happened?

I think there might be many people who come into your life that help you when you are shifting. This was a good lesson to learn. I pray that I can do my job here on Earth.

As it stands, I'm still unsure what happened to my past life and my new one. Memories are disappearing, many have already disappeared.

Twin Flames

What do you do when you have a relationship with someone (which is not abusive), which causes you extreme emotional turmoil?

I'm not sure there can be labels any longer? Most people used to call this energetic relationship a twin flame relationship. But what does a relationship look like to each individual person?

Since I'm a life coach, I can only go from my own experience. And since this is my personal blog, you get things uncensored.

My Twin Flame relationship,

Is it abusive? Do not believe so. (Meaning, there are no drugs involved, physical violence, stalking, narcissistic behavior, emotional manipulation, etc...)

Are their high emotions involved on my end?  Yes.

Has it helped me in this relationship to detach? Yes.

Has it helped me in this relationship to detach?  No.

This is the conundrum.

Hurricane Irma

Stop your brain for a second, turn off the TV, and continue to read.
First of all, join, as FB is just a host to complete drama, and doesn't help any of us, except the company.

Second, breathe. I know a person named Thomas. He's very smart. He has a special type of meditation he uses to soothe himself out of panic. PANIC. He's on MeWe. Find me, then go find him from there.

And help me to rest by resting yourselve's.
If I could come up to you now, I'd grab you by the arms, and look you in the eye and say...

And breathe.

Breathe so that I can breathe.

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.....♫

Ending a Narcissistic Relationship

Have most of us, if not all had them?
The person who gives with strings attached.
The person who says one thing, but does another.
The person who, supposedly, NO, consciously chooses to block all the blessings in your life?


I cannot exclaim that enough. It goes to infinity and beyond. ;)

Beware of these energy vampires. In the everyday human world, you call them narcissists.

Get away from them. As far as you can.

They will try to ruin ALL good things in your life. They'll affect your cards, your decisions, even mess with how you feel. And if they are powerful enough, they'll even effect WEATHER.

They say they want you to be happy. But it is the EXACT opposite. They want no harmony. They only want what is best for themselves.

They ONLY see lack, and nothing else. They are sick. And they will pass out of this existence unto servitude. The abusers.
Did you want to know where these souls go after death? To serve gaia underground, until they are fina…